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The sole purpose of CEBG is to support the ministry of the Catholic Church and its charitable, religious and educational endeavors. CEBG’s 100% effort is focused on assisting Subscribing Employers by providing comprehensive benefits for eligible employees and their beneficiaries.

Membership in CEGB is limited to those Catholic Church entities listed in or eligible to be listed in the Official Catholic Directory (OCD).

CEBG assists the dioceses and other Church entities in providing comprehensive, competitive benefits for eligible individuals for the following employee classifications: ordained, pre-ordained, religious order members and other Catholic Church employees.

The CEBG Benefit Solution is a cost-effective, self-funded benefits option based upon collaboration and shared risk. CEBG’s benefits reflect the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

Four dioceses became Subscribing Employers of CEBG effective July 1, 2006, by entering into a Subscription Agreement with CEBG. Current Subscribing Employers include: Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo, Roman Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi, Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock, and Roman Catholic Diocese of Tyler.

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